Archiving is one of the best ways to manage the burden of uncontrollable and unstructured data growth by giving IT departments the capability to manage large quantities of files and e-mails effectively. Archiving can be the right solution for your e-mail and file data.


E-mail archiving is a best practice for every organization because business transactions, approvals and communications exist nowhere else but in email. If those records are not kept in a readily accessible location, a company loses its business intelligence and competitive advantage. E-mail archiving leverages greater value from your e-mail asset.


According to recent research a typical corporate email account will generate about 4.3 GB of electronically stored information (ESI) per user/year, most of which needs to be preserved. E-mail archiving can help organizations store and manage this messaging and its related information while controlling growth, enforcing policies for compliance and enabling eDiscovery.


File Archiving allows the IT department to set automatic polices that moves data from primary storage to lower cost storage automatically and to secure critical data in a central location so as to meet regulatory guidelines whilst reducing the storage costs and management costs.


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