Business Intelligence


E-mail is the most important business function in the workplace. More and more business transactions are conducted in e-mail - discounts, special deals, deadlines, commitments, orders, cancellations, specification changes, etc.

It's too expensive to print and file every e-mail in the global workplace. These corporate intelligence records must be protected as a critical asset of the business.


Reasons for a Business Intelligence E-mail Archive

  • Employee turnover at 10% per year means 50% of your knowledge is gone after 5 years. Who can find the critical information?
  • Construction records, architecture diagrams, medical records, etc. have long retention requirements.
  • Backup tapes are too expensive to save and search
  • Legal eDiscovery costs can be reduced by over 30%!


The Archiving Solution

Archiving captures every e-mail a user sends and receives into a fully indexed and searchable archive accessed from a browser. Search can be for any word or words in a Subject line, Message body, or Attachment. You can search for e-mail addresses, attachment types and target any date range. The results can be e-mail messages, attachments, e-mail addresses, and data ranges.