MailMeter Archiver - Features & Benefits

MailMeter is the best solution for email and file management. It installs quickly - is easy to use, and offers the lowest cost of acquisition and ongoing usage. Options seamlessly integrate together and deliver immediate value.


  Storage Savings - Reduce email storage costs Faster backups, better email server reliability, mailbox size reduction

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  legal eDiscovery - Reduce legal costs Instantly search and retrieve messages from the archive - easily export to PSTs.

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  Compliance - Meet regulatory requirements SOX, GLBA, SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, BASEL II, FOI, etc. Save emails, Bloomberg, IM. Avoid fines.

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  Retention Management - Control deletion of messages Protect your business - ensure data destruction of messages in the archive.

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  Reporting / Monitoring - Enforce policy - find abusers Identify leakage of confidential information, stop inappropriate content.

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  Disaster Recovery - Recover faster Get operational immediately. Recover one user or the entire server.

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  employee productivity - Infinite message store User self-service to find any message they ever sent or received.

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  Business Intelligence - Never lose commitments Track projects, contracts, customers, complaints, prospects, deals, etc.

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