Employee Productivity


When employees communicate using email, they are spending corporate resources of time, storage and bandwidth! What controls, policies and checks do you have to ensure e-mail is being used efficiently and according to policy?

There is a very real possibility that some employees are accidentally or intentionally misusing the e-mail system. This misuse can be: sending dozens of email each day to friends or family, running side businesses, or intentionally sending out offensive spam. E-mail can be used to leak intellectual property, private medical records, or insider financial information to outsiders.

What if management knew that 51% of all emails had "fun", "dating", "lunch", "weekend", "jokes" or similar words in their subject lines and that 88% of all those emails were sent to or from Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts?


The Archiving Solution

With Archiving, management becomes aware of all the patterns that cause waste within their company, they can improve employee education and the e-mail policy, which often deters employees from misuse if they know they are being monitored. Productivity gains come from eliminating non-work related email. As a bonus, all the storage and bandwidth for non-business e-mail and attachments go away.

With Archiving, management can take back control of e-mail usage to the company, and monitor transactions for any specific department, branch office or the entire organisation.