As well as the more traditional tape backup solutions and software available today, Apnet Solutions has some new technologies for backup whether its on-premise or a managed backup service.

Products like Backup Exec and the new backup capabilities from Microsoft DPM and products like Attix5 and Ashay provide solutions for different budgets and requirements.

Data is the lifeblood of just about every commercial entity. Every day data is added, accessed, manipulated and used. Data is behind every project, every account, every customer, every email, and every query. Without data, business no longer functions.

If you find yourself now in a situation where you have to deal with an explosion in the volume of your business data, you are not alone. The accelerating pace of data creation, accumulation, and diffusion is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon among companies throughout the world today. Data is growing exponentially due to widespread use of the Internet, email, and media-rich software.

Solutions which provide off-site mirror copies, continuous backup, replication and binary level backup capabilities and many other features are comon place now and there are solutions for all budgets.



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