Compliance - E-mail Capture and Retention


National and Local Governments continually enact new regulations and laws to provide more accountability, combat corporate fraud, and protect unauthorized disclosure of personal information. Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach–Bliley Act, HIPAA, SEC, BASEL II, Freedom of Information Act, and the Patriot Act are examples. Will your organisation be ready to comply with these regulations?

Government regulations that require you to:

  • Keep all e-mail records in a tamper proof manner and be able to search and retrieve information for an audit
  • Produce emails for Freedom of Information Act disclosure quickly and at low cost
  • Random monitoring of emails for financial service brokers with audit trail reviews
  • Financial Governance ensuring all business records are intact
  • Acceptable Usage monitoring - analyzing e-mail to make sure that inappropriate words are not being used and that specific organisations and persons are not being contacted.

To be in compliance, your organisation needs to keep every e-mail for a specified period of time. However, having your employees figure out which emails to keep and for how long is a mistake. Your archiving will never be consistent or accurate. Trying to accomplish that feat “automatically” based on content, department or sender is even more complex and prone to errors and can expose you to personal liability.


The Archiving Solution

Archiving captures all messages into a single archive that is easily searchable and can ensure that records are deleted after their retention period expires. Managers can see activities of their users, as well as drill down into issues and search for specific words, domains, or attachments. They can make changes to policies, enforce policies, and show auditors that their processes are in compliance.


Archiving Benefits

  • Full compliance with all regulations
  • Dramatically reduce costs of legal investigations
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Reduce organisation and executive exposure
  • Improve employee education about risky behavior
  • Increase integrity of information since transactions cannot be deleted from the archive
  • Improve productivity by enforcing the E-mail Acceptable Usage Policy


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