Legal eDiscovery


Litigation happens. Whether it is from unhappy customers, vendors, employees, or stockholders or even from being out of compliance with industry regulations or legislation. When it happens, there are usually investigations into vast amounts of communications, many of these are historical e-mails from certain individuals, or with certain subject matter, or within a certain timeframe. There are many variables by which a case may want information searched.


You need to hire expensive legal investigators, to spend many hours manually looking through thousands of emails for relevant data. And if the user deleted it, it is gone.


The Archiving Solution

The archiving solutions can be used to perform your own investigation searches, on your own timeline and without the expensive legal fees associated with outside professionals. In seconds you can search for words in the subject, message body, attachment text and even attachment types over any date period.


Your legal staff can perform extensive, multi-faceted forensic research on all email communications immediately, all through an easy to use, secure, web-based interface.

  • Fast searching by in house staff
  • Only present outside counsel with relevant emails
  • "Tag" emails - Privileged, Responsive, Needs Review, Case #, Confidential, or any other tag you create
  • Export messages to PST
  • Lower your legal costs for reviewing emails
  • Be prepared for meet and confer sessions
  • Find evidence to litigate or settle faster