MailMeter Archiver


E-mail Archiving is a best practice for every organization because business transactions, approvals and communications exist nowhere else but in email. If those records are not kept in a readily accessible location, a company loses its business intelligence and competitive advantage. MailMeter leverages greater value from your e-mail asset.


MailMeter Archiver is a comprehensive, easy to use, affordable and robust e-mail archiving solution that captures and pre-indexes incoming, outgoing and internal company email in real-time to provide a complete, unalterable and secure e-mail archive for both compliance and mailbox management. You can search and retrieve e-mail records quickly and easily for internal or regulatory audits.



MailMeter Archiver can capture messages in five ways:

  1. History Capture - import messages from your existing e-mail server – Exchange or Domino.
  2. PST Import - import messages from any PST.
  3. Compliance - capture messages from the standard journaling facility in your e-mail server.
  4. Selective - capture messages older than " n" days or in specific folders.
  5. Attachments only - to shrink message size.

You’ll Benefit with MailMeter Archiver

  • Secure archive of e-mail records
  • Fast, confidential investigations and resolution
  • Have confidence knowing that you have accurate proof of existence or non-existence of e-mail
  • Best Practices to assist management with making better decisions based on email patterns - internal and external
  • Protect your company from disseminating offensive or damaging information
  • Provide quick analysis of potentially harmful behaviour of employees
  • Provide employee feedback in performance reviews
  • Schedule reports and automatically send them to specified managers on a weekly basis



   MailMeter Archiver