Reporting & Monitoring


How can you enforce something you can't see? HR departments and managers are asked to enforce e-mail policies without any information of what is passing through their e-mail systems every day. Sexual harassment, age discrimination, ethnic slurs, side businesses, loss of confidential information, disclosure of private data, and other inappropriate behavior occur everyday.


How Proactive E-mail Reporting Can Transform Your Business

Archiving solutions provide advanced E-mail Management and Security solution that provides never-before-seen intelligence into corporate e-mail content, hidden interactions and behavior patterns that put organisations at risk. With Archiving reporting, you can view e-mail usage via your browser and easily drill down to get detailed information on any e-mail patterns that looks out of the ordinary. You can sort by senders, recipients, file size, volume of emails, etc. E-mail captures every aspect of our lives: official business records, casual water cooler chatter, offensive jokes, bad behavior and even illegal activities. You need to proactively control, manage and prevent inappropriate behavior in the work place.


Archiving Reporting Opens Your Eyes to Reality

Discover suspicious, surprising and shocking messages going through your organisation!

Archive reporting capabilities:

  • Powerful drill down, browser based reports (40+) - by department, by user
  • Who Sends the Most E-mail
  • Who Receives the Most E-mail
  • Individual User Analysis
  • Which Users Send the Most E-mail to Each Other
  • Which Outside Organisations Send or Receive the Most E-mail
  • Attachment Analysis - by name, size, type
  • Suspicious Attachment Analysis
  • Mailbox Storage Usage Analysis
  • Report Scheduling - automatically sent to managers
  • Graphs and Charts - by hour, day, week, month
  • Financial Analysis - see how much time is wasted