Storage Savings with MailMeter Archiver


Is your e-mail storage getting out of control? Are you tired of long backups, dealing with PSTs, or managing mailbox quotas?


Issues you are facing:

  • Storage Costs - Buying more storage hardware doesn't solve the problem - it just pushes it out into the future and makes it more painful later. And your backups get even bigger!

  • Email Volume is Increasing - The average number of daily messages per user is growing dramatically, as well as the average size of each message. Email messages contain more rich text, high resolution images, video, voice mail, and bigger attachments.

  • Backup Times are Increasing - More messages means more storage to back up and the time available for backups is shrinking! How do you solve the problem? Set mailbox quotas and become unpopular with users? Users all believe that they need to keep all important e-mail records and don't have time to do housekeeping on their mailboxes. So they create personal e-mail files on the network that you still have to backup or they forward e-mail out to their personal accounts (like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) which eliminates your business record retention management control.

The Archiving Solution

The solution shrinks exchange e-mail storage usage by 70-80%. It replaces the attachment with links ("stubs") to the attachments captured in the Archive repository where they are compressed, single instanced, and stored separately from the mail server. It's seamless to users - no client software is installed on the user's PC. When they click on the attachment name, it just loads from the Archive instead of the e-mail server.



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