Storage Savings with MailMeter File Archiver


MailMeter File Archiver provides six capabilities to assist you in saving storage:

  • Reporting - View your files by server, by owner, by size, by type, by name, etc. to pinpoint the usage and abuse of your storage.
  • Deleting - Clean up your file servers and purge old and not needed files. From any report, just check the box next to a file name and click Delete, or set a policy for automatic deletion. Reclaim your storage in minutes.
  • Single Instancing - MailMeter File Archiver uses single instancing at the file level so only one copy of a file is held in the archive even if it was stored multiple times on the SAN.
  • Compression - MailMeter File Archiver compresses all files stored in the archive.
  • Archiving - Protect critical files by copying them to the archive server. Move older versions of files to the archive.
  • Stubbing - Reclaim storage space without disrupting users. Remove older files from file servers and replace them with an intelligent “stub” that automatically and invisibly retrieves the original file from the archive.


What are Smart Stubs

The reduction in files stored on primary storage is achieved by the use of Smart Stubs. A smart stub is a stub link that can have multiple properties when accessed. Traditional File Archiving systems have dumb stubs (can only archive static data) unlike Mailmeter File Archiver that can archive any data without fear.



Stub Types

Traditional Stub options
   - On-demand Stubs – Internet shortcuts

Smart Stub
   - Revision Stubs – Opens Webpage allowing users to restore prevision versions

Smart Stub – Dynamic Stubs
   - Transparent access
   - File restored to original location
   - File will restore on user action, or application request


Click here for the MailMeter File Archiver Presentation explaining the various Stub Types.




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