Easy to use, simple to maintain

The client user interface is cleanly laid out such that backup and restore can be done typically within a few clicks. On the server side, the web based management console provides complete user administration, comprehensive online reports and e-mail alerts for system administrators. The AutoUpgrade feature allows upgrade of the client software to be completed seamlessly.

All these translate into a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Secure data storage, multiple levels of protection

Data is encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on the backup server. To further ensure your data safety, backed up data can be replicated and synchronized close to real-time to an Ahsay Replication ServerTM located in another building, region or even another country. Your customers can ensure their business continuity when struck with fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, etc. by having data copies offsite.


Specialized backup agents for popular applications

Ahsay has specialized backup agents for a range of applications, namely, Microsoft® Exchange Mail-Level agent, Microsoft Exchange Server agent, Microsoft SQL ServerTM agent, Oracle® database agent, MySQL® database agent and Lotus Notes® / DominoTM agent.


Unlimited Scalability

Ahsay Online Backup is designed with scalability in mind. Ahsay supports network storage devices such as NAS and SAN, allowing you to expand your storage capacity or the number of client access licenses seamlessly without disruption of your backup service.


More reliable and faster backups

Ahsay comes with a flexible backup scheduler. Your customers can easily implement the desired backup policies. Moreover, Ahsay can back up opened files, e.g. Microsoft Outlook® mailboxes can be backed up while your customers’ are working on their emails. Furthermore, backup of larger files can be completed in a much shorter timeframe with Ahsay’s In-File Delta feature, which minimizes data transfer by uploading only the modified data blocks.


Simple & smart restore from anywhere at anytime

Ahsay’s web interface allows your customers to restore their backup files from anywhere at anytime. Moreover, Ahsay provides flexible retention policy settings which allow your customers to restore snapshots of their data sets as of a particular point in time to recover a past version of a file due to whatever reasons. the modified data blocks.