Now you can easily protect the data on your PC, Mac, or business servers.

Ever dropped your laptop or had it stolen? Ever lost your mobile phone or had it stolen? How did/would this impact you? We now keep so much critical and personal data on these digital devices that loss can be devastating. Today would you be able to recover this data with the simple click of a mouse from anywhere in the world?


Peace of mind from just a few pence per day

RecoveryVault enables you to easily backup and manage your critical data and recover it anytime from anywhere. You can stop worrying about the every day risks to your critical data and get rid of the hassle and expense involved with backup tapes or CDs.


RecoveryVault offers advanced "big company features" as standard such as Continuous Data Protection (CDP). A click of your mouse and RecoveryVault will automatically backup any file changes made on your PC or Server, including Exchanges and databases (SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc). Full encryption of all data and the ability to backup multiple PCs from a single client, or create multiple backup sets on a single computer.


Once you have made your first backup your subsequent backups will only take a few minutes a day, or less, to transmit changes to the Data Centre. Our software compresses your data substantially before transmission, reducing the amount of traffic on your Internet or network connection.


Simple pricing is based only on the storage you require to backup your files regardless of the number of PCs or servers involved. No license fees, no set up charges, just a simple "pay as you go" monthly fee.