Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam


Spam, Viruses and other Malware present an ever increasing threat to organisations of all sizes, At the very least it causes disruption and impacts on your productivity.


E-mail is arguably the prime communication channel for business, so keeping email secure and functioning has assumed the highest priority. Every day, organisations face potential communications, operations, and intellectual property disruption from spam, malicious software (malware) and other email-borne threats, such as phishing.


The sophistication of e-mail threats has evolved, going beyond just viruses and spam. Virus, spam and spyware writers are now taking advantage of each other’s methods. As a result, different types of attack have started to merge and pose severe threats to your organisation, leading to a significant increase in email-related costs. Techniques such as image spam use up considerable processing and storage, while spam is also being used to propagate fraudulent content and steal personal information. Some attacks are so targetted they never even appear on the anti-virus industry rader and are not properly identified or stopped by standard signature based anti-virus scanners.


Apnet Solutions will help you make the right choice to combat these threats in your business from the gateway, through desktop & servers to the applications.



We can provide Managed or On-Premise e-mail anti-virus and anti-spam services to your organisation providing protection from viruses, phishing, trojans, worms and other forms of malware.

Our multi-layered, virus protection service stops known and unknown viruses before they reach your network. Ensuring your business avoids costs like system downtime, productivity loss and brand damage.

Our proven anti-spam services prevents spam from ever reaching your network and so improves your organisations productivity.


Desktop & Servers

Protecting the desktop against viruses or spyware for users who have internet access or use removable media devices is a fundamental part of keeping your users and data secure. This can be acieved with desktop/server products or as part of a centrally administered suite of applications designed to protect your entire environment.



Applications such as Exchange and Sharepoint need to be protected from Viruses and spam. Having the right combination of gateway security and backend application Anti Virus solutions offers the complete protection against viruses. Individual tailored solutions as well as software suites that can provide all round protection can be put in place to secure your environment.


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