E-Mail Continuity


Could E-mail Downtime Spell Disaster For Your Business?

Today, e-mail is established as a key business communication medium. But ensuring continuous availability and rapid disaster recovery is a real problem. Planned or unplanned, widespread or partial – an e-mail outage doesn’t just cost your business in lost revenue and reduced productivity. It can mean damaged relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. It may also lead to data loss and heavy fines for regulatory non-compliance.

Traditional in-house approaches to high availability and disaster recovery give incomplete protection at staggeringly high prices. Database corruption, directory problems, viruses and configuration errors can be a big challenge for technical solutions such as replication, clustering and log-shipping.

MessageLabs E-mail Continuity service helps maximise email continuity at minimum cost. It helps to keep e-mail running without interruption and ensure no message is lost – whatever happens to your local system, staff or infrastructure. If an outage occurs, you’ll benefit from a back-up system that kicks in seamlessly and allows users to continue sending and receiving e-mail through Outlook, Lotus Notes, web browser or BlackBerry devices.


E-mail Continuity Solution

This fully managed, on-demand solution makes e-mail outages invisible to employees and external contacts. Simple to deploy, it’s easy to administer from a single web console. It’s also easy to scale to provide extra storage or protect additional user mailboxes.

When combined with other MessageLabs services, the E-mail Continuity service reduces email-related risks by providing integrated capabilities covering continuity, recovery, archiving, encryption, spam and virus filtering and content and image control.


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