E-mail is the most widely used application on the Internet but its use also represents significant risks to an organisation in the form of impact to business continuity, loss of confidential information, legal exposure and failure to enforce regulatory compliance, all of which can have significant financial implications.


MessageLabs provides a highly effective and integrated set of on-demand services to protect, control and encrypt e-mail communications so that customers can use this business-critical tool safely and productively.


E-mail Anti-Spam

MessageLabs E-mail Anti-Spam security service provides you with unrivalled protection against unsolicited emails targeting your network and inboxes.

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E-mail Anti-Virus

MessageLabs E-mail Anti-Virus security service stops threats from reaching your network, delivering total protection from viruses, trojans, phishing, other malware and converging threats.

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E-mail Content Filter

MessageLabs E-mail Content Control service scans inbound and outbound emails, blocking those which containing unauthorised or inappropriate content.

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E-mail Image Control

MessageLabs E-mail Image Control Service provides unbeatable capability in blocking unsuitable images in emails entering or leaving your network.

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E-mail Encryption

MessageLabs Encryption service securely encrypts your e-mail communications and all the information they contain, ensures complete confidentiality for all e-mail communications entering and leaving your network.

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